Who We Are

Sweat Circuit is group fitness, Personalized. We're not just another gym. We are a community committed to helping you achieve your physical fitness and health goals. 

Sweat Circuit can help individuals achieve any goal, from improved health to weight loss, to better performance. Most importantly, you won't be on your fitness journey alone. Join our community and propel yourself to success while getting personalized physical training. Access our community of resources to biohack your health, developing a personalized plan to address your gut health, brain health, heavy metals, nutrient and mineral status, thyroid and adrenal function, food intolerance, and more!

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Our Story

Sweat Circuit began in 2006 as a humble neighborhood boot camp - which, after our clients wanted more, moved into a local gym on the weekends. Still, that wasn't enough. After extraordinary demand, we opened a dedicated space of our own in Bellevue 2012 which we quickly outgrew. Since then, we have moved to a much larger location in Bellevue and opened a second gym in Coronado - and we're expanding all over the county.

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Liz Merrill

Co-founder Liz Merrill brings her expertise from a career in finance and business development to the Sweat Circuit experience. Committed to helping people lead happier, more fulfilling lifestyles. Liz's focus is the Sweat Circuit community - both inside each location and between herself, Nick, and franchise partners.

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Nick Merrill

Co-founder Nick Merrill has 15 years of experience as a personal group instructor, and he is currently a trainer at Sweat Circuit Coronado. Passionate and motivated in his fitness, Nick creates Sweat Circuit's unique programming across all locations and is committed to keeping things fresh and interesting.

Our Values

Sweat Cicruit's founders realized that the unique, complete workouts that the gym now offers didn't exist elsewhere. Our core values are:

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People Are Our Passion

You are not just a number on a scale or a data point in a scheduling system. We exist to help you achieve your personal fitness and health goals
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Foster Healthful Communities

Inclusive and encouraging, we celebrate our achievements and collective strength.
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Your Goals Are Our Own

Our highly skilled coaches will work alongside you, pushing you and encouraging you as you work to accomplish your goals. We can’t wait to sweat with you!
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We Unlock Potential

The human body is an amazing thing. Our coaches and nutritional partners will help you to realize your personal potential both physically and mentally

Invest in Yourself.