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Your company can be stronger in so many ways

Sweat Circuit provides corporate challenges that will enable your team to perform better, think clearer, and accomplish more.

What We Offer

Wellness for a healthy and focused company 

In person or virtual options available


Education and complete healthy habits guidelines

Group Challenges

Fun and rewarding team building using measurable technology


Personal attention, accountability, and inspiration

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Corporate Sweat Circuit Testimonials

Your team will thank you 

"Liz, Here's my final weigh in. I want to thank you for all the encouragement and suggestions. I've never done a challenge like this before. It's been a great experience!"

"I lost 14 lbs over the month of August!! But I accredit Sweat Circuit with helping me lose 24 lbs since the beginning of the year!"

"I am SUPER EXCITED about how much better I feel! My mobility has improved and I just feel lighter overall. The best part is that Michael and I did it sustainably: We followed the guidelines in our packet and did a daily rotation of Sweat Circuit videos and took a rest/yoga day every 5th day, we followed the nutrition guidelines/food list, we ate well, and significantly reduced added sugar in our diets (which made us really relish the once a week treat). It's amazing what a difference diet has made!"