Frequently Asked Questions


Q What is Sweat Circuit?
Sweat Circuit empowers and encourages individuals to transform into a stronger and healthier version of themselves through innovative and inclusive group classes with personalized attention that elevates physical performance while developing and growing a powerful, positive and healthy community
Q Is Sweat Circuit for me?

YES! Sweat Circuit is accessible for everyone, regardless of age, injuries or your current fitness level. Our workout programs are modified for each individual to help you safely become healthier and fitter

Q Do I need to be in shape to do Sweat Circuit?

No. Sweat Circuit is here to help you meet your physical fitness and health goals. No matter what your current fitness level is, you can start Sweat Circuit. As you get closer to reaching your fitness goals, you can increase the intensity of your workouts. Eachworkout is personalized to you and designed to help you succeed, improve your fitness and move you toward your goals

Q How do I maximize my Sweat Circuit results with nutrition?

We have a partnership with Celproceo that is the perfect health complement to your individualized Sweat Circuit routine with one-on-one attention, developing a plan that will help you achieve your health goals. Celproceo will also delivers at home lab kits delivered right to your door that will help you to determine what is going on with your gut health, brain health, heavy metals, nutrient and mineral status, thyroid and adrenal function, food intolerance and more! Have a plan set up specifically for you, your body, your lifestyle and your goals in a scientific yet simple and sustainable way

Q Is there an age limit?

NO. Our workouts are challenging to even the fittest athletes but very scalable to different ages and abilities.

Q Is this Crossfit?

NO! While we do offer the ability to lift as heavy weight as you want (as opposed to many HIIT workouts) our programming is very individualized and appropriate for age and goals. We are VERY concerned about proper form and safety to prevent injury

Q Is Sweat Circuit like Orange Theory?

NO. We offer a wide variety of cardio and strength training. Every workout will be different and keep your body guessing. We are focused on our clients as individuals and get to know them on a personal level.

Q What are the membership options?

Sweat Circuit is dedicated to providing options to our clients. Our unlimited membership is the most cost effective, consistent workout program. No long term contracts.

Q Can I try the Sweat Circuit workout before I commit to membership?

Absolutely. We offer a Free trial class so you can come and see what all the hype is about! Click here to get your free trial.

Invest in Yourself.