Your Workout, Your Choice

Coached Group Classes

Our coached classes offer the most complete workout on the market.  Unlike most, we offer a range of cardio machines to choose from, and a strength workout for upper, lower, or full body. Choose your focus each day, and you will never do the same workout twice!


Each class you decide to train full body, lower body, or upper body. Whether you are training for something specific, looking to achieve better balance, weight loss, healthier habits, or stress relief, we have specific programming for you.

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Endurance Training

At Sweat Circuit we have 8 cardio options to accommodate your specific goals. Our circuits are designed to increase your endurance, each workout you decide the intensity. We utilize MyZone technology to give you real time feedback. You can compete and join an inclusive and motivating Sweat Circuit community, no matter where and when you workout!

Your Workout, Your Choice